What Our Clients Say About Us

“You have such a brilliant approach to the whole event of dying.  We are, as a society, not very good at dealing with death but you are trailblazing in enabling people to think differently and probably more meaningfully about how we say goodbye and pay our respects” – The Pearce family

“The kindness, warmth, professionalism and skill you have all shown throughout is utterly astonishing.  It has felt as though you have had your arms around us all from the very minute we met” – John’s family

“The ambience you both create of relaxed and informality unlike the black suit sombre atmosphere as shown by other established undertakers, made my distress more bearable” – Peter

“We really appreciated Hannah being with us from start to finish and your complete hands-on approach.  You all made really good connections with us all and followed through with every detail we asked for” – Jonny and family

“Thank you for the extreme kindness you showed to me and my family at such a terrible time.  You performed the service with such dignity and compassion” – The Atkinson family

“We cant even put into words how amazing you have all been and how much easier the process felt with you all by our sides every step of the way.  We will never forget the kindness, the care and the support in every little detail that you gave to all of us” – Laura, Cathie and Ben

“You gave him the send off our Dad deserved and it was perfect.  We will never forget it” – Leslies family

“I am sure you guys have heard it a thousand or more times but you really are amazing.  From the very first phone call with Marcia we knew how amazing Signature Funerals was going to be. Your compassion and support in dreadful circumstances made each of us feel better about the situation” - The Davidsons

“Thank you for all your help and understanding at the most difficult time imaginable. Your respectful, thoughtful professionalism throughout the whole arrangements was above and beyond expectation. Words cannot thank you enough.” - Ms B

“From start to finish your professionalism and empathy were second to none. The attention to detail allowed the day to happen with ease and no worries. You treated Dad and us with great dignity.” - Rosie

“From the first meeting, you both embraced myself and my family (my late mother included) like a big hug. You led a very difficult and emotional time down an easy pathway.” - Ms W

“There are numerous superlatives that could be used to describe Signature Funeral's bespoke service, but I guess 'compassionate and professional' would be two that you would appreciate as that sums up what a successful business in your field strives for." - NW

“Thank you for your professionalism and kindness over the past few weeks, I hope I never have to but I could not recommend you highly enough.” -  Jonathan

“I cannot thank you both enough for the way that you looked after Mum..... Both of you made Mum's funeral seamless. I wanted it all to be a positive experience cherishing Mum and her memory and you helped me more than you know. I shall be forever grateful. Anyone who chooses Signature Funeral is in very safe hands” - Justine
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